They’re safe enough. We think.

Team Fall Guys / October 20, 2022

There’s been some… developments in the Blunderdome. Thanks to an apparent accident-turned-research-opportunity, mysterious Wormholes have been scattered all over the Blunderdome. And you, our faithful beans, will be our willing research participants.
Shortly after Silent and Banana ventured up to the Satellite, they were confronted with a stark warning on their monitors. And what does a good Showrunner do in the face of mystery?

They put us all to work, of course.


Navigate Wormholes and help us uncover their mysteries. Will they grant you a shortcut, throw you off the map entirely, or send you to totally new locations? Run, Dive, and Jump through these unpredictable portals and see where you land. You can even take objects through them!

In order for Silent to get the full picture on these brightly-coloured mystery pits, we need you to navigate a whole host of challenges - results of which will further Silent’s research.

What, you thought we wouldn’t reward your commitment to Beankind?! Never. By exploring and playing both solo and team shows, you’ll get goodies to commemorate being there when this strange phenomenon happened.
  • “Wormhole Wanderer” Nickname - 100 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 200 Points
  • “Multi-dimensional” Nameplate - 500 Points
  • Warped Pattern - 700 Points
  • infiniD Goggles - 1000 Points
That’s not all we’ve got for you keen Wanderers. If you’re planning on navigating the event, you might wanna suit up!

Get your official Wormhole Wanderer Bundle, available until the 24th of October . One awesome costume, emote, faceplate, AND colour to help you feel your wormholiest.


The Blunderdome Team cannot be held responsible for any transportation mishaps, interdimensional travel-sickness, inconvenient respawns, or molecular alterations encountered when utilising a Wormhole. By participating in the Wormhole Wanderers research event, you consent to gameplay with wholly unpredictable outcomes and agree to waive all Showrunners of responsibility over results.

Thank you, and have fun!