Ultraman lights up Fall Guys!

Kaiju believe it?

Team Fall Guys / June 29, 2023

Talk about a glow up! Ultraman is bound for the Blunderdome. The suited-up superhero brings two Costumes inspired by the legendary series to the store, along with a few other treats, all the way from the Land of Light.


You won’t need the Ultraman Factor to grab the Proto Suit Costume, a maskless uniform fashioned after the character’s original outfit. Mysterious Beans will enjoy the metallic, Kaiju-inspired Bemular Costume worn by the series’ enigmatic antagonist.

We have a few more lore-infused items in store, too.
  • Suit Up Emote
  • Star of Darkness Nameplate
  • Ultra Brother Nickname

All the goodies are available from 10AM GMT 29th June to 10AM GMT 4th July. Wearing them guarantees the Blunderdome will be free of Kaiju attacks!