New Fall Guys Twitch Extension "Collect 'Em All" is available now!

Very important announcement for Blunderdome contestants who enjoy Twitch! Our new Fall Guys Twitch Extension “Collect ‘Em All” is now available!

Team Fall Guys / June 22, 2022

Be on the lookout for falling beans on participating creators’ streams for an opportunity to win the ‘Stars’ in-game cosmetic Nameplate! Catch them all to start a Blunderdome-styled takeover—aka a Fall Rush—on another channel!

What is a Fall Rush?

When a channel’s community collects enough Fall Guys, the creator can choose another channel that has the Fall Guys Extension enabled to initiate a Fall Rush. The selected channel will be then find themselves bursting with beans! The channel being rushed can stop a Fall Rush faster by spamming the :FallHalp: Twitch emote in the chat. If a threshold is reached, the channel Rush will end!

How it works...

Check out the Twitch stream of any participating creator. If the Streamer enabled the Extension on the stream you just need to log in with your Twitch profile and link your Epic account to start catching different Fall Guy characters by clicking on them during the stream. But be quick: you only have a limited time to click and catch the Fall Guys, otherwise they’ll disappear and you’ll need to wait for them to show up again! You can see the list of all the characters you’ve caught in the collection tab of the Extension.

There is also a leaderboard tab in the Extension - the leading participants will appear at the top of the ladder, and you can see your own placement whatever your standing below the Channel / Global leaderboard buttons. One leaderboard represents the total number of points for the channel you’re currently watching, while the other is Global and works across all channels. You can appear on the leaderboards of as many channels as you like - so get out there and catch those Beans!

Your rank on the leaderboard is based on the number of Fall Guys you have collected over the course of the event. Note: the leaderboard can be updated with delay.

To get started, make sure to connect your Twitch profile to your Epic Games account in order to be rewarded with the “Stars” in-game reward nameplate. Check out the full instructions on the Epic Games website.

Please note that rewards will be granted directly to the recipient’s linked Epic account within 30 days or such other time as reasonably required by Epic for such grant. Make sure you have your Twitch Account linked to your Epic account to receive in-game rewards.

We'll see you in the Blunderdome!