Treat yourselves, it’s Falloween!

Take a spook!

Team Fall Guys / October 4, 2023

Welcome to Falloween, a celebration of the spookiest season. The Blunderdome is filled with creepy Costumes, cursed Creative challenges, the fabulous Trick Or Yeet Fame Pass, and loads more. Enter, if you dare…


Fall Guys Creative is the perfect place to build the haunted house of your dreams nightmares. We’re challenging you all to craft Falloween-inspired Creative Rounds. Build grinning maws from arches, turn Swinging Axes into… Well, they’re already pretty scary, really. Bring doom to the Blunderdome!

Share your Rounds from 10AM GMT October 4th to 10AM GMT October 16th to be in with the chance of making our three-week custom show, running from 10AM GMT October 24th. We can't wait to see what devious designs you come up with!

It wouldn’t be Falloween without treats. Complete the Challenges to grab the goodies, including a lumbering Peek-a-boo Emote, some piles of Kudos, a Nameplate and Nickname.

Trick or Yeet, plus more in Store!

Get halloweird with Trick or Yeet Fame Pass, a collection of spooky looks. How spooky? We have the bitey Bat-Tastic Costume, a scarily unhuggable Pawly Repaired Costume, and more. Grab the Fame Pass between 10AM GMT 3rd October to 10 AM GMT 7th November. The trailer will prepare you for the upcoming horrors!
There are also stirrings in the Fall Guys Store, where Falloween Costumes are shuffling up and down, searching for new owners. The Zombean Costume is definitely going to get you. You can grab some literal drip (ew) with the Goo Guy Costume. Feeling drawn to the Wicked Witch Costume? The spell has been cast. Or get horticultural with the Venus Guy Trap Costume.

All these Store Costumes are available from October 14th.

Happy Falloween, everyone!