More Superstars slam into Fall Guys

It’s a royal stumble in the Blunderdome!

Team Fall Guys / May 18, 2023

Four new Superstars, The Macho Man, Bianca Belair, Mankind, and Rey Mysterio are bringing a quadruple threat of Championship Costumes for Beans to grapple with. We’re also bringing back the iconic Asuka, Xavier Woods, and The Undertaker Costumes for a second round, too. Grab them from the in-game store from 10AM GMT 18th May to 10AM GMT 23rd May, 2023!


Ooh, yeah! You’ll look savage in The Macho Man Costume. With stars, tassels, and a glorious hat, it’s no wonder the costume needs sunglasses. Bianca Belair’s Costume is the Bean-est the star has ever looked. No-one rocks (ahem) a leather mask, ripped shirt, and sock-puppet quite like Mankind. Finally, you can be part of the mane event in the Rey Mysterio Costume’s Mohawk mask. There’s even a Wrestling Mask Wearable for Beans who want to go incognito!

1, 2, 3!

Surprise returns are a Sports Entertainment staple, so we’re bringing back Asuka, Xavier Woods, and The Undertaker Costumes from our previous collab to tag in with the new roster.

As well as the Costumes, we’ve a handful of other goodies available – Nameplates, Celebrations and more. Check them all out in the Fall Guys Store!