Here’s the Fall Guys Sunken Secrets Release Notes, straight from your Blunderdome Construction Crew!

Team Fall Guys / November 22, 2022

Sunken Secrets brings players to explore a lost city under the sea! You can check out our release blog for a detailed look at the new content and features. Otherwise, here’s the Release Notes straight from the Blunderdome Construction Crew.


Sunken Secrets features 5 brand new Rounds at launch, plus brand new obstacles and Round variations!
  • Blastlantis: Blastlantis is built from the wrecked ruins of an old obstacle course. Beans will need their sea legs under them to stay afloat the tilting pathways while being pelted with Blast Balls.
  • Hoop Chute: Skifall successor Hoop Chute requires the ultimate belly flop to win! It’s a long flume ride where you Dive Slide down the slick path, weaving through hoops to pile up points. Golden hoops are worth triple!
  • Puzzle Path: Find yourself drawn to mazes? Puzzle Path has four labyrinths for you to navigate, one after the other. Follow the lines, avoid the other Beans, and make it over the finish line. But stay alert! The route isn’t ever the same!
  • Kraken Slam: Rickety rafts are all that keep you from the depths of the ocean in Kraken Slam. Tentacles rise from the depths to smash at you, while fellow contestants stomping across the rafts will cause holes to form underfoot, and allow more tentacles to rise. Avoid a calamari calamity to take the Crown.
  • Speed Slider: Get back on your belly in Speed Slider. Dive Slide down the Round, avoiding obstacles, and hoping to be the Bean with the speediest tummy.


  • New Dive Slide Mechanic
  • Time Attack Shows have arrived!
  • Celebrations can now be previewed on all screens
  • Some costumes now have a “Random Style” setting. These costumes have a chance to alternate style when starting a Show when you wear a matching upper and lower.
  • When you win, we will no longer display the “Round Over” banner - just “WINNER!”
  • There can now be 3-Team elimination finals in Squads
  • Labels will now indicate whether you are eliminated, qualified, or waiting for the Round to end whilst in Spectator Mode
  • Challenges now refresh on Tuesdays
  • You can now see how many people are spectating you! (And you can enable/disable this in your settings)


  • Improvements to Memory on Nintendo Switch which should reduce graphical issues
  • Fixed instances of tiles not breaking when players jump on a boundary wall in Hex-a-terrestrial
  • Improvements to responsiveness when jumping on a tile
  • Players can no longer use the boundary wall in Hoverboard Survival to skip through the level
  • The Happy Birthday Crown will be returning to player inventories
  • Fixed instances where a particular tile in Perfect Match would always show the correct answer
  • Improvements to clipping through objects on various obstacles such as Conveyor Belts
  • Reduced crash rates when joining a Party on Nintendo Switch
  • Improvements to unpredictable behaviour when in a multi-platform Party (voice chat not working, Party suddenly disbanding)

 As always, a huge thank you to our brilliant Dev and QA team for sorting these updates and to the entire Fall Guys Team for working so hard on our favourite bean game!

Please remember to always report any in-game issues you face to our wonderful Support Team. Your feedback and reports are so vital in helping us keep Fall Guys as fun, playable and exciting as possible!

See you in the Blunderdome!