Transmission Awry

Something strange has been happening in the Blunderdome…

Team Fall Guys / November 17, 2022

THIS JUST IN: strange signals have been detected in the Blunderdome. The source of these signals is unknown, but due to leaked CCTV footage, we have been able to deduce the following:
  • Silent, one of Fall Guys’ mysterious Showrunners, appears to have gotten jammed in the space station's Transmitter Array whilst attempting to locate the source of these signals.
  • Silent seemed to be carrying a strange belt of unknown origin. It is not a cosmetic that we have been made aware of before. It has some… unique properties?
  • Banana, Silent’s faithful assistant, has been on a Blunderdome-wide voyage to track down his mentor.
Since the above took place, the Blunderdome has once again been infiltrated with wormholes—but this time they’re presenting differently. They seem to all lead to single-Round Shows that reflect Silent’s past as a Showrunner, and they’re emitting all sorts of garbled data. We’ve consolidated that data into a series of Challenges, and upon completion, you will earn:
  • Silent's Memories Nickname - 100 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 200 Points
  • Baffed Pattern - 400 Points
  • Mysterious Nameplate - 600 Points
  • Strange Belt* - 800 Points
And some Kudos for your troubles.
Your participation in these cryptic Challenges will help us decipher these strange signals and assist Banana in locating Silent.

And let this be a lesson: don’t lean in too close when you’re near a Transmitter Array.

*the belt really is strange. If you earn it, we suggest keeping an eye on it.