Show some Guile with our Capcom Collab

A second round of Costumes arrive in the Blunderdome!

Team Fall Guys / June 10, 2023

More iconic Capcom goodies are coming to Fall Guys. A Beanified Guile and Chun-Li are heading for the Blunderdome to style it out alongside our previous Costumes. Grab ‘em, and some other goodies, from the in-game store from 10AM GMT 10th June to 10AM GMT 24th June, 2023.

Bean ‘Em Ups!

Guile’s Costume is a slick combo of camouflage chic with a tidal wave of yellow hair. Chun-Li ‘s Costume is the classic blue qipao you’ve seen in arcades for decades, topped off with another historic hair-do: buns!

If you button bashed your way to victory, show off with the ‘You Win…. Perfect’ Celebration.

They’ve brought back-up!

Our previous Capcom goodies are back, too! From Ryu’s ragged gi, Cammy’s blinding leotard, and Akuma’s wild outfit and wilder hair, it’s a second round for the popular trio. Don’t forget the iconic Hadouken Emote, which is also fly-kicking back into the store!

We’ll catch you in the ring… Well, Blunderdome.