STANDBY! Communication Commotion!

Egad! A bespectacled Fall Guy has taken over our Twitter!

For the first time, we’ve received direct communication from one of the Blunderdome's busiest ‘Showrunners’. Rumour has it that a huge announcement is on the horizon… and they need your help to broadcast it!

Team Fall Guys / April 2, 2022

Ah, the Official Fall Guys Twitter: source of some of the finest Bean-Memes this side of the galaxy.

We here at Mediatonic HQ are used to offbrand antics and sometimes shocking spontaneity on that channel, but what’s happening now is a little… different.

It seems the greyest of the Blunderdome's mysterious Showrunners Silent has somehow hacked into our Twitter account in order to send some messages to you all.
Naturally, our first thought was to try and regain control of the channel, but after exchanging a few DMs we’ve come to an agreement with Silent: they have an impending announcement of huge importance, and we're going to help them broadcast it as widely as possible: Apparently, Silent and the other Showrunners plan to launch a Satellite into the skies of the Blunderdome! They originally intended to launch it on their own, but even the best laid plans can go a bit wobbly sometimes, and now Silent needs your help to finish the job! 

Jump in-game and complete a series of three events over the next month to get the Satellite Launch mission back on track and send Silent's signal-boosting contraption into Space!
In return for your efforts, we've lined up some awesome Challenge rewards, including three costumes hand-selected by Silent: the Satellite Stars! This cosmic trio all embody traits critical to the Satellite mission: Adaptability, Logic, and Bravery! The Shows accompanying these challenges have been specially designed by Silent to hone those specific skills, and build a truly stellar Satellite team!

Here are the Challenge dates and the amazing costumes up for grabs:

Satellite Stars: Adapt! April 4th - April 10th

Prove you can handle just about anything by completing the challenges on this first Playlist! This Show is an awesome grab bag of classic rounds and variations. Progress through the challenges and earn the Star Princess costume: the belle of the Blunderdome, princess of planets, famed for her ability to adapt to anything she set her mind to.

Satellite Stars: Logic! April 18th - April 24th

Are you a master of shortcuts? A quick-thinker? Leap over lily pads, calculate fruit, and dodge rhinos in our jungle-only Playlist! Climb the ladder and be awarded with the Star Detective costume: a keen thinker with an eye for detail and the ability to solve even the trickiest of trials with logic and deduction.

And finally: wait, it can’t be… Is that… STAR GUY!?

Satellite Stars: Bravery! May 4th - May 8th

Are you a courageous Guardian? A daredevil Thief? Tackle these Sweet Thieves challenges for the brave and the bold to help assemble the final pieces of the Satellite! Earn enough challenge points and you can bag yourself the most legendary costume in the cosmos: Star Guy! This brave Fall Guy will lead the team into outer space to complete the final stage of Satellite construction!

That is your assignment! But there are two final nuggets of information... 

Firstly, once that satellite is launched, something big is coming. We aren’t sure what, exactly, but this is the first time we’ve had direct contact with the Blunderdome's Showrunners, so you can be sure they aren't done yet.

The second thing is just a simple message from Silent: “Keep an Eye on the Sky”


Good luck and Godspeed, beans!