Happy Lunar New Year!

Celebrate the year of the Rabbit in the Red Envelope Rally Event

Team Fall Guys / January 19, 2022

It’s Lunar New Year, and we’d love you to celebrate in the Blunderdome. We’re here to wish you longevity, peace, and prosperity with the Red Envelope Rally Event, an in-game event running from 10AM GMT on 19th January to 10AM GMT on 6th February, 2023, where players can unlock year of the Rabbit themed goodies!

Get Reddy!

Complete the Red Envelope Rally Challenges (in its own Challenge tab *UPDATE* Challenges will appear under your Daily Challenges) , gather red envelopes and unlock some Lunar loveliness! You’ll definitely feel prosperous with these rewards:
  • Year of the Rabbit Nameplate
  • Rabbit Whiskers Pattern
  • Antique Coin Lower Wearable
  • Golden Coin Belt Lower Wearable
Let’s make 2023 the best year we can. See you in the Blunderdome!