Stop Clowning Around! Doodles the Clown is available NOW with Prime Gaming!

We're going to Clown College! Doodles is here!!

Team Fall Guys / January 26, 2022

Get suited and booted as Doodles the Clown in the latest costume drop – exclusively from our pals at Prime Gaming. With a flash bow-tie and a wig so fuzzy it’ll make the other Beans buzzy, it’s the perfect get-up for Blunderdome hilarity.

There's Kudos up for grabs too!

That’s not all! The Doodles costume also comes with 6,500 Kudos to splurge on in-game items in the Fall Guys store. Spend ‘em before they burn a hole in your polka dot pockets. 😉
Go get the goods by heading over to Prime Gaming and follow the instructions to link your account. And if you need any help, our useful guide is just a click away!