Fall Guys Season 4: Creative Construction is launching on May 10th, with Fall Guys Creative!

Team Fall Guys / May 2, 2023

Creative levels. Custom mayhem.

Season 4: Creative Construction is out on 10th May, adding Fall Guys Creative, an in-game level editor that lets you build custom Rounds. Builder Beans can turn our iconic obstacles into chaotic courses and then share them with the community. And in the spirit of sharing, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming update…


Everything changes on May 10th. Fall Guys Creative is a game-changing way to experience the Blunderdome, and we’re so excited about it that all future Rounds made by the Mediatonic team will also be made with the tool too. With the new editor, you can finally design the Round of your dreams. Choose your theme and plunk down your favourite obstacles to best the Beans who take up your challenge.

You can generate a Share Code that you can share with friends to play in a private lobby called a Custom Show. If you want more Beans to blunder through your chaotic creation, you can go beyond the lobby and share it with the community. We’ll be curating Playlists—a new type of Show, which will include some of our favourite Fall Guys Creative Rounds. You can find the new Playlists in the Show Selector.

We can’t wait to see what you make. Stay tuned we'll be rolling out more updates about Fall Guys Creative in the lead up to launch, including info on how Cabined Accounts can participate too!


The Blunderdome Construction Crew has been hard at work testing the boundaries of our level editor. Season 4: Creative Construction will receive over 50 new Mediatonic-made Rounds throughout the season, with 20 available at launch via Solos in the Show Selector.

We can hear them hammering and sawing away in the Blunderdome right now, and they’ve promised to share more when the sawdust has been swept up. We’re sure Digi’s giving them some great tips!


Welcome to the all-new Fame Pass. Instead of one pass covering the whole span of a Fall Guys’ Season, we now have multiple shorter Fame Passes that cost less but reward you with more value for your playtime! The first Season 4: Creative Construction Fame Pass 1 has 6 iconic Costumes for you to earn as you play, plus bonus Costumes and cosmetics to unlock after you complete the main levels of the Fame Pass!
A few highlights are the Does Not Compute Costume, which is an entire computer, and the multi-faceted Low Poly Guy Costume. Or maybe peck away at the competition in polygon style with the Pixel Pigeon Costume, all available in the first Fame Pass!


Grab your toolbelt and we'll see you in the Blunderdome for Creative Construction on May 10th!

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We’ll see you soon, Beans!