Season 4: Change the game with Creative Construction!

Build and share your own Rounds with Fall Guys Creative

Team Fall Guys / May 10, 2023

Egads! Thanks to the collective efforts of Fall Guys everywhere, we've finally uncovered the secret of Silent's mysterious belt. This curious contraption belonged to Digi—renowned Fall Guys engineer, and inventor of another wondrous feature we can't wait to share: Fall Guys Creative!

Upload into a vast digital domain in Season 4 and take control into your own four-fingered bean hands to create the chaotic course of your dreams! Fall Guys Creative unlocks incredible new ways to experience the Blunderdome, whether you become a master builder or a key competitor in Creative Rounds limited only by your imagination—and we've got 50 new ones to show you across Season 4, with 20 available from launch. Plus an all new multi-Fame Pass system replacing the Season Pass means reward unlocks remain fresh all season long!


This is a big change to Fall Guys, so let's run through the basics:

So what is Fall Guys Creative?
Fall Guys Creative is a level editor that allows you to create custom Rounds and share them with your friends and the wider community to play.

How do I get started?
You’ll notice a new button in the nav-bar on the top of the main screen that features a wrench⁠—press that to begin building your level. In Season 4, you can create a Race Round with either an Original or Digital theme. Then just plunk Platforms, Blocks and Barriers to bamboozle the Beans who dare to take on your design. Just don’t forget a Start and Finish Line!
How do I share my Round?
Once you Publish your Round, it will generate a unique 16-digit Share Code that you can share with friends and the Fall Guys community to play your level. You can find any of your Rounds’ Share Codes anytime from the My Levels screen in Fall Guys Creative.
How do I use a Share Code to play with my friends?
To play your creation, head on over to the Show Selector and set up a Custom Show. Choose the Host option and plug in the Share Code for the specific Round you want to play. Meanwhile your bean buddies can select the Join option and enter in your Lobby Code.

These Custom Shows are private lobbies which will be open to up to 40 brave Beans, depending on the Round design. You can use Fall Guys Creative Rounds in private lobbies to either hang out with friends or practice solo too, as they support lower player numbers. Player-made Rounds that become featured in the Show Selector may have their player counts change depending on the Playlist’s needs, but will still be playable in lower numbers by using the Share Code to set up a private lobby for that Round outside of the Playlist.

For a more visual approach, we hear Digi’s walkthrough of Creative in the What is Fall Guys Creative Trailer is very informative. And you can find even more on our Fall Guys Creative FAQ.


Will player-made Rounds be featured in the Show Selector?
Yes! But it will take some time—time for everyone to get used to the level editor tools and get building, and time for us to squash any new bugs that crop up. Fall Guys Creative is a brand new feature and we’ll be iterating and evolving over the coming seasons so it will be a learning experience for all to make sure it’s as fun as it possibly can be. We are aiming for player-made Rounds to appear in the Show Selector in the months following launch.

Where will player-made Rounds be featured?
Just like Mediatonic-made Rounds, you’ll be able to find them in the Show Selector, featured as Creator Round Playlists or in the Creator Made Rounds section. Creator Round Playlists are Shows made up of multiple Rounds, whereas the Creator Made Rounds—as you may have guessed—are a single Round only.
What criteria will Mediatonic be looking at when selecting Rounds to feature?
We'll be using a mix of in-game analytics around most played and longest play-time to help us find which Rounds the community are loving, as well as surfacing levels from our community channels.

We love seeing creativity and out-of-the-box levels, but also traditional races, too. The Rounds we choose to feature will vary by playstyles, and often show a good degree of originality. Don't be afraid to take some creative risks! We also take into consideration player counts, difficulty, and theme and this varies depending on which Playlists are upcoming. We keep high-quality levels in a backlog, so don't worry if yours isn't featured immediately—it may be suited for a future Playlist!

You can share your Share Codes with friends, or join the discussion on our Fall Guys Discord, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Use #FallGuysCreative when posting videos or screenshots of your level⁠—as this is a great way to get your Rounds seen and played by the community! Keen beans will make sure their Rounds follow the Content Rules. We can’t wait to see what you create!


With so many new Rounds entering the Blunderdome during our Creative launch, we've also given the Show Selector screen some fresh paint to make it easier to understand and navigate.

A whopping 50 Creative Rounds crafted by Mediatonic’s Blunderdome Construction Crew will be released throughout Season 4, to keep beans busy while new builders are getting used to the toolset. We’ll be kicking things off with 20 of these Rounds straightaway in Solos!
As the season progresses, noteworthy Single Round Shows will appear in the Show Selector too. After a few weeks, more Mediatonic masterpieces will debut incrementally in the Blunderdome via the Creator Rounds Playlists in the Live Shows tab. All Fall Guys Creative made levels will be Solo Show Rounds only for now.


From this season forward, we’re replacing the Season Pass with something new called Fame Passes. So the TL;DR is:
  • Fame Passes are replacing the Season Pass
  • Each season will include multiple, consecutive Fame Passes
  • Unlock 40 core Rewards
  • They are shorter, lasting between 4-7 weeks each
Fame Passes will reward your playtime with more value! You'll notice Fame Pass rewards are more weighted towards unlocks like Costumes, Colours, Patterns and Emotes than our previous Season Passes—so you get more bean for your buck. Fame Pass 1 will come with 6 Costumes for you to earn, and more bonus Costumes that you can unlock after you complete the main levels of the Fame Pass! And there will still be a free progression path too.

With it being called a Fame Pass, we need a famous face…


Looking for an icon? Look no further! Hello Kitty is the first Fame Pass star, with the Hello Kitty Costume unlocking immediately when you buy the Pass. The Blunderdome will bow down before you. Hello Kitty is not alone in the ‘dome. We’ve crafted the Cutest Friend Costume, a Hello Kitty-inspired Outfit that players can unlock through the free progression path.

All cosmetics in Season 4’s Fame Pass 1, including the Hello Kitty Costume, will be available to unlock from 10AM GMT on 10th May to 10AM GMT on 12th June, 2023.


The Doraemon Pilot Costume will bring Nobita’s Sky Utopia’s flight–themed Costume to the Fall Guys Store during the first week of Season 4. It will be available to purchase from 10AM GMT 10th May to 10AM GMT 15th May. Flying in formation alongside the Costume is a Nickname and a Nameplate!


As you can see, Season 4: Creative Construction is a great big builder’s step towards evolving the future of Fall Guys. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what you create with Digi’s tools. You can start today, with the launch of Creative Construction. For a deeper look into everything coming with our new Season release, read our detailed Release Notes.

Something to highlight: we’ve tightened up all the loose screws in Squads... Players will now be able to exit a Show Final when eliminated in Squads, without losing your reward! Also, finals will now end if the last players are from the same team (for those who used to throw the game so your friend could win—we see you, your efforts have not gone unappreciated).


Don’t forget to check out our Creative-specific channels within the Fall Guys Discord for tips, prompts, feedback and glimpses of everyone’s latest creations! And of course be sure to use #FallGuysCreative when sharing your Rounds on your social media channel of choice.

As always, for more news about what’s coming to the world of Fall Guys, visit our official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

Phew, that’s a lot of news! We hope you enjoy Season 4, now go get building!