Artist Hattie Stewart “Doodle Bombs” the Blunderdome

You could say we were drawn together...

Team Fall Guys / January 10, 2023

A brush with illustrator Hattie Stewart has resulted in Fall Guys’ most colourful collab yet. Hattie’s cartoon-inspired style has given our Beans some of the most imaginative Costumes, Wearables, and Patterns to ever hit the store.


You’ve never seen a fish like this. The Goldfish Costume envelops Beans as if they were swallowed by a cartoon fish. The Flutterguy Costume has bands of colour spreading over its wings.

Hattie has designed some wonderful wearables. The Love Pack Wearable will woo any Bean behind you, and the Redcap Crown Wearable won’t leave mushroom for doubt about your fashion sense!

Rounding up the collab are Patterns with doodles all over them, plus some Nameplates. All of these Hattie goodies will be available in the Fall Guys Store from 9AM GMT on 10th January - 9AM GMT on 15th January, 2023!


Hattie describes herself as a “professional doodler”. Her work has a playful, tongue-in-cheek energy that has extended across art, music, fashion, and now games.

Thank hue, Hattie! We’re tickled pink. And red. And blue, with a splash of green. See you in the Blunderdome!