Jump into Season 3 now!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3 decks the halls with wintry wonders today, delivering a flurry of festive mayhem, including new rounds, dozens of fresh costumes and a whirlwind of new features that are truly the snowy peak of Fall Guys tomfoolery! Be sure to wrap up your beans and get ready to slip, stumble and slide your way to the crown!

Team Fall Guys / December 15, 2020

Seven new Rounds of snowy shenanigans!

Season 3 comes packed with our wildest creations to date, replete with snowy peaks, treacherous chasms and a slew of obstacles scientifically-assured to deliver high-profile failure in front of the world. Also penguins.
  • Ski Fall - Slip and slide down the icy slope for precarious points! 

  • Tundra Run - An all new take on the gauntlet style, ripe for snowy mischief.

  • Freezy Peak - A spiral summit that delights in chucking an endless supply of snowballs down on competitors! 

  • Snowy Scrap - Three teams, three snowballs, zero chill.

  • Pegwin Pursuit - Calling all beans...Bert is loose! In this team game, your job is to grab the Blunderdome’s tiniest penguin pals as they motor around the arena. 

  • Thin Ice - Slivers of icy tiles stand between you and instant elimination in this high-flying final Round. 

  • Roll Off - This fresh showdown takes the perpetual motion and fancy footwork requirements of Roll Out and transforms it into a particularly tricky Final Round!

Stay gold with Crown Ranks and Golden Costumes!

To the most-dedicated of beans. To our Slime Climb grinders and one-more-timers. Crown Ranks are a love letter to those who are truly down with the Crown, providing an all-new path to deliciously exclusive rewards.

That path is (would you believe it!?) paved with gold! As well as revealing limited-edition Colours and Patterns, upping your Crown Rank will unlock Golden Costumes—glitzy gilded versions of iconic outfits that will leave envious beans in little doubt of your Blunderdome credentials. Flaunt it, you earned it!

So from now on, every coveted Crown collected will contribute to upping your Crown Rank and unlocking those goodies. Plus, if you’ve already been busy accumulating victories, we’ve got you covered—your previous crowns will count!

Spicy hot fixes, icy cold features

As always, we’ve been keeping an eye on the issues most pressing for the Fall Guys community (shout out to the Public Issue Tracker) and have implemented loads of nifty improvements and fresh features. These include...

  • Bulletin Board - What on earth is going on in the Blunderdome? Our new in-game newsfeed has the answer. Latest Shows, updates and other wild announcements, conveniently presented when you load in.

  • New Festive Sounds - Season 3 presents the coldest cuts! A wintry reimagining of all your favourite bean-music.

  • Prime Gaming treats - You’ll now be able to link Fall Guys to your Amazon Prime account for a regular supply of exclusive goodies.

  • Bugs be-gone - We’ve unleashed a plenty of useful fixes for smoother stumbles, including improvements to group stability, UI and physics in certain levels.

We are so, so excited for you to get your hands on this latest instalment of multiplayer mayhem and as always, a huge thank you to the Fall Guys community for your feedback, patience, suggestions and dangerously high appetite for memes.

Be sure to let us know your Season 3 mood on social media! You can find official outposts of spicy Fall Guys content on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Plus, come say hi on Discord!