Fall Guys Creative, faster matchmaking, and an update about Seasons are all incoming!

Sunken Secrets for a little longer, then Fall Guys Creative

Team Fall Guys / February 21, 2023

Hello, Beans! The Fall Guys Team has been working on some major upgrades to the game that we wanted to share with you. Fall Guys Creative and shorter queue times are some of the improvements we’re going to cover today.

Fall Guys Vaulting

First though, let’s dive right into one of your biggest concerns at the moment, vaulting. Fall Guys has grown massively from our launch in August 2020 to where it is now in February 2023. Including new features such as events and crossplay, expanding to more platforms, new cosmetics such as Costumes and Emotes, and from the 25 Rounds that we launched with to 81 Rounds today. We want to keep delivering exciting new Fall Guys content for you, and to do that we have needed to evolve the way we work on it.

In November, we announced one of the ways we were going to do this was by limiting which Rounds were available within the game at any one time, a process known as ‘vaulting’. We did this because maintaining 81 Rounds and the hundreds of variants in every Season, split between Main Show, Side Shows, Limited Time Events, and Private Lobbies allowed too many bugs and errors to make their way into the game. At the size the game is now, to be able to achieve a good level of stability and content, we need to manage how much we are trying to ship and test in every update. So, vaulting select Rounds allows us to make ongoing updates to the game while still providing a regular rotation of your favourite Rounds.Vaulting will continue for the foreseeable future—and we will be sharing future updates on vaulted Rounds on our Fall Guys Server Owl channel.

Fall Guys Season Updates

Level Editor

Fall Guys Creative, our very own level editor that we previewed at the end of our Big Announcement stream last year, will be a part of our next seasonal update. We can’t wait to see what bizarre maps and traps you create and are hard at work getting it ready to go! Season date to come soon.

Maximum Lobby Size

From February 21, maximum lobby sizes in the Main Show - Solos Playlist will be lowered from 60 players to 40 players. This will speed up matchmaking times, allow for more optimised performance in each Round, and mean more early level variety as more Rounds are available to play at the 40 player mark. It’s your best time yet to try for the Crown!

Returning Vaulted Rounds

With our next update, we'll be refreshing our available Rounds once again. Some vaulted Rounds will be returning while others are heading to the vault. We're still finalising which rounds will be available in our next Season but we will share a full list closer to launch day.

Season Length

Finally, Seasons will be a little longer from now on. This allows us to make more Rounds in Fall Guys Creative than we were shipping in previous seasons, and continue to make the pun-packed fun that keeps you all coming back to the Blunderdome.

We’ll welcome you all into the Blunderdome Construction Crew with open arms when the next Season of Fall Guys goes live!.....and expect more news on that to come soon!