Help Silent solve the Lost City's biggest mystery!

Team Fall Guys / April 27, 2023

Silent is finally close to revealing the secrets of their strange belt! Lost City legend says that it once belonged to an incredible engineer called Digi—but she hasn't been seen for a very long time...

Poseibean says he knows how to activate it, but first he needs to see that Silent and the rest of the Blunderdome beans are truly worthy of such knowledge. Will you help Silent to complete the Coin Quest? Available to play from 10AM GMT on 27th April - 10AM GMT on 10th May, 2023!


Poseibean has lined up a truly tricky set of Challenges to test your skills in Solos, Duos, and Squads Shows! Those who prove themselves to the King of the Lost City will be richly rewarded—the more Challenges you complete, the more Ancient Coins you receive, and the more rewards you unlock!

Speaking of rewards, these are the items you can earn from Poseibean's royal vault:
  • Coin Collector Nickname - 100 Ancient Coins
  • 200 Kudos - 200 Ancient Coins
  • Digi-Tizer Diagrams Pattern - 400 Ancient Coins
  • Level-Up Crustacean Costume Lower - 600 Ancient Coins
  • Level-Up Crustacean Costume Upper - 1000 Ancient Coins


With your help, Silent can finally uncover the truth: what's the purpose of the mysterious belt? And what really happened to its creator, Digi? She may not be 'long-lost' for much longer...

Eager for answers? Dive into the Coin Quest event from 10AM GMT on 27th April - 10AM GMT on 10th May, 2023!

We’ll see you in the Blunderdome!