Bella Poarch drops into the Blunderdome!

Pull off some vocal gymnastics in a Bella Costume!

Team Fall Guys / December 15, 2022

Welcome to Fall Guys, Bella! We hope the trip through the Blunderdome wasn’t too bumpy.

Yes, Bella Poarch has conquered social media and music, and is now taking over the Blunderdome. Her latest collab will bring a Costume and more to the Fall Guys store.

Build a Bella Bean

From viral hits to clumsy bumps, fans can sync with Bella’s star power with a trio of trinkets from the store. Grab some fab today.
  • Bella Poarch Costume
  • Dolls Nameplate
  • Build a Bella Bean Nickname
Bella’s bundle will be available in the Fall Guys Store from 9AM GMT, 15th December to 9AM GMT, 20th December. 

We’ll see you in the Blunderdome, Bella-beans!