Asset use guidelines

Last updated: December 15, 2021

Are you looking to use Fall Guys assets for a stream event, fan site or other such shenanigans? Cool! Just make sure you follow these guidelines:

Generally, Mediatonic is very happy for fans to use our materials and gameplay footage provided that the use is:

Non-commercial - meaning you do not use our materials and gameplay footage to promote or as part of a product you sell. Monetisation of videos showing our materials and gameplay footage through advertisements is generally acceptable

Not offensive - meaning you do not associate our materials or brand with any offensive, harmful or illegal content

Not presented as official - meaning you do not represent or imply that Mediatonic has approved or endorsed your use of the materials. The words “unofficial”, “fan site”, “community site” or similar must appear prominently on any online profile or page.As long as you follow these criteria, you may use our materials on fansites, community social channels, banners and flyers.

Audio from the game may only be used as part of gameplay footage

Mediatonic fully reserves all its intellectual property rights in all Fall Guys materials and gameplay footage

Mediatonic reserves its right to require you to take down our materials and gameplay footage at any time

Mediatonic is entitled to change this policy at any time

You must always follow the Fall Guys End User Licence Agreement